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Carbon prices are on the rise, yet individual investment opportunities have been limited. Midori is breaking down those barriers, inviting everyone to join the green revolution. Be a part of the solution and start investing today.

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Start investing in just a few taps with easy onboarding, no paperwork, and secure purchases with credit card or Apple Pay.

Join the green investing revolution

Midori is North America's only platform that gives retail investors access to the Voluntary Carbon Market. Invest in a broad range of carbon offsets curated by our expert team and support the planet.

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With Midori, you can easily manage your portfolio, stay on top of current market values, and execute transactions with ease.

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Unlock the world of carbon offsets with Midori U – your gateway to environmental education and investing. With promising returns, and a positive environmental impact, our carefully crafted resources will equip you with the necessary tools to start investing in carbon today.


What is Midori?

Midori is the premiere exchange where regular investors can purchase, hold, and sell carbon offsets.

How do I buy carbon offsets with Midori?

Buying offsets is easy! Simply create an account on the Midori app, and follow the instructions for verifying your account. Your carbon buying journey can get started with only a few taps.

How does investing in carbon offsets help the environment?

Carbon offsets provide companies and individuals the opportunity to buy emissions offsets from environmentally beneficial projects around the globe. These projects prevent the emission of CO2 or remove CO2 from our atmosphere. CO2 and it’s equivalents are the major drivers of climate change.

Are the carbon offset projects certified and trustworthy?

Carbon offsets listed on Midori all come from the major carbon registries. As such, they have had rigorous scrutiny to ensure they are achieving their climate goals, and are sustainable projects.

Can I monitor the impact of my investments?

Details on the curated list of projects we provide can be found on their corresponding registries. While each registry does things a bit differently, they all provide documentation on the creation, monitoring, and performance of their listed projects.

Are there any fees involved?

Yes, Midori takes a small fee on each transaction to cover the costs of completing trades.

What payment methods are supported?

Midori accepts payments via debit card, credit card and Apple Pay.